BVB Bottom of Table



German kids love this DIY snack, which is perhaps best known as “Matschbrötchen” (eng: mud roll). Let’s try it yourself! There are some regional names though and one of them implies … Continue Reading →


Coldplay and Leon Andreasen – Never meant to cause you trouble

A spider web and it’s me in the middle Having last played in April 2010(!), Leon Andreasen’s cinderella-esque return into Hannover’s first team was _the_ story of the still young … Continue Reading →


If Hannover fans were cool…

…, a banner like this one would be in their hand luggage for today’s journey to Dublin:


2012-13 DFB-Pokal First Round Proper Draw (German FA Cup)

[blow bubbles here] Yesterday, the draw for the 32 first round ties has been made by Oliver Bierhoff in Gdansk. Holders: Borussia Dortmund. 2. Bundesliga versus Bundesliga Jahn Regensburg v … Continue Reading →


The state of German non-league football?

Simply stick to Erkenschwick …or as Goscinny didn’t say: All of the Recklinghausen disctrict is under Schalke’s control, except for one small village of indomitables that still holds out against … Continue Reading →


Leapfrogging Oberliga

The sky is the limit! What reads like an enormous bug in Football Manager 2012 is actually happening in German non-league football right now: some teams have a historic opportunity … Continue Reading →


23 Tons of 96

Hannover 96 may be the most boring club from the most boring town in the world… but then again they have something “not to mess with”:


The Rest of Leipzig

Leipzig’s not only the setting for a soda producer’s plan of world conquest, it’s also home of the country’s most noteworthy football statue. Or eleven noteworthy statues, to be precise. … Continue Reading →


Relegation does not necessarily mean Relegation

Hertha’s last lifeline One of the local specialities of German football: the relegation play-offs. It’s simply called “Relegation” in this part of the world, which might sound strange to foreign … Continue Reading →