German kids love this DIY snack, which is perhaps best known as “Matschbrötchen” (eng: mud roll). Let’s try it yourself!

Fortuna-Broetchen_01 Fortuna-Broetchen_02 Fortuna-Broetchen_03 Fortuna-Broetchen_04 Fortuna-Broetchen_05

There are some regional names though and one of them implies quite an interesting football refernce. In Düsseldorf, the calory bomb is named Fortunabrötchen after the local football club.

According to a legend, a small kiosk started to label the sweet the football way when the team were promoted to 1. Bundesliga for the first time in 1967. Or maybe not, as a different origin story goes round. Thus it was served as an improvised sandwich at the improvised player’s banquet after Fortuna won it’s only chamionship in 1933 against a heavily favoured Schalke side.

One way or another: Let’s try it yourself!

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