What Spurs fans can expect from Lewis Holtby


First of all: He’s better than Marko Marin. Way better. Lightyears better. They don’t even play in the same universe. Beyond that, Lewis Holtby really is an above average Bundesliga midfielder. Extremely versatile, good on the ball and, of course, still young enough to improve in the future. The 22-year-old pulled of a few ‘man of the match’ performances at the start of this season, but failed to impress in the later stages of the Hinrunde.

That brings us straight to his main weakness: inconsistency. Holtby furthermore is a fairly slow player, which almost bawls for adaptive difficulties in a high speed affair the Premier League is. From a mere sporting point of view however, signing an new contract at his current employer would have made sense for both parties.

As a Schalke fan, I am certainly relieved seeing him to leave the club. Holtby recently revealed quite a agent-driven personality and seems to overrate himself. His noncommittal attitude admittedly could fit into this Premiership world of make-believe.

The son of a British soldier is a keen Everton supporter (like his father). So you should look forward to loathsome Lewis exchanging French kisses with Tottenham’s badge after scoring his first goal.

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