Pool’s famous Kop “The Reds” beeing the club’s well know nickname does not prevent a lot of… ehm, let’s call them “internet Premier League fans” in Germany using the term … Continue Reading →


Hansa Rostock–FC St. Pauli rivalry

Following the xenophobic Lichtenhagen riots in 1992, both sets of fans clashed for the first time during a 2. Bundesliga match one year later. St. Pauli’s left-wing attitude and nationalistic … Continue Reading →


The green Reds

Have you ever wondered why Hannover 96 are nicknamed “The Reds” despite their green and white club colours? (a question obviously presupposing that you already know of the existence of … Continue Reading →


Aktion Libero: German Sports Bloggers against Homophobia in Football

schwul, rund, grün – gay, round, green Aktion Libero is an action alliance of German sports bloggers against homophobia. Supportetd by Dr. Theo Zwanziger (president of the German FA) Aktion … Continue Reading →


The cat is in the sack

Grazie, Trap!


Michael Schanze und die Fußball-Nationalmannschaft – Ole Espana

You were listening to New Order, German fans like my father had to put up with the dream of every mother-in-law: Michael Schanze. The official 7″ for WC 82 bears … Continue Reading →


Wolfram Wuttke

Mustache (serving suggestion) Honour to whom honour is due: We unanimously elected Wolfram Wuttke (yeah, even ze Germans zink this name’s funny) for being the subject of the first blogpost. … Continue Reading →